Car polishes and polishes for removing scratches

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Polishes, polishes and polishing kits for removing scratches on the car

Our Swissvax car polishes are not only an effective remedy against paintwork scratches, they also create a perfectly smooth paintwork base. Depending on the type of scratch removal - manually or with the help of a polishing machine - you can choose different intensities of the polish and thus create a new paint finish. Holograms can be removed just like clouds. Swissvax Cleaner Fluid polishes for hand polishing or for professional polishing with the machine.

Simply apply the polishing agent and rub with pressure, whereby the added micro-granules grind each other down and the polish becomes finer and finer. Thanks to the proprietary formulation of Swissvax car polishes and polishing agents, overly aggressive polishing is avoided.

This makes it fun again to polish the car yourself. You'll be amazed at how smooth and even an automotive finish can be.

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